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All about Me

Hello. I'm a 20 yr old theater major from UCLA, and I welcome you to my webpage. Now that we've been properly introduced, feel free to roam about my out! Don't step on the Lemurs...

Anyhow, in other words: Go nuts...I already have!

Here are a few PICTURES of me...
Here is a bit of information about me:

Name: Sierra Aviva Rezendes Rein : if I gave my full name, as is the tradition from my Portuguese ancestry, I would be called Sierra Aviva Rezendes Amaral Costa Mendes Travares Rein St. John. Just don't ask for my full autograph, OK!?!?!

Age/Birthdate: Age 20, born March 24th, 1977 (for all those who have ever seen "Singin' In The Rain" check out the scene right before the "Good Mornin'" birthday is mentioned!!!!

Height:5'3"...5'5" in high heels...I wish!

Weight:Information censored for your protection...:)

Hair color:Formerly bleached blond, now back to it's normal shade of brown.

Eye color:Blue blue blue!

Favorite color:A toss up between black and red...I'm something of a morbid little girl!

Favorite flower:The Lavender Rose.

Favorite food:Sushi, salmon, green garlic olives and strawberries with chocolate. Don't mind the occasional champagne to wash them all down with! I admit it...I'm a girl with literally expensive tastes! ;)

Favorite country:THE UK!!!! I love England, and wish someday to work and live there, perhaps at the BBC!

Favorite movie:"Singin' In The Rain" and "The Wizard of Oz" have always been #1 and #2. Followed closely by "A Clockwork Orange" and "Star Wars" (The Trilogy).

Favorite Animal:The Orchinus Orca, or Killer Whale. I saw these mothers in the wild while fishing off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. One swam right under our 21 ft boat...about 5 ft under us!!!

Favorite Season:Summer Summer Summer! The time to lunge around and either go fishing, be in a show, catch up on some reading, get some extra cash, or just get a tan.

...and here are some of my interests (note: these are not links, they're just words, so all you have to do is just READ them, OK?!?!):

Classic Horror Movies
Quantum Leap
A Clockwork Orange
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Star Wars
Star Trek
Monty Python
Whose Line is it, Anyway?
Kids in the Hall
Red Dwarf
Mystery Science Theater 3000

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